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Teacher Training Workshops (E.S.L.)


The workshops can be 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks in duration. Each daily session can be 3-5 hours in length.

Follow-up support is offered upon request.


The primary focus is to increase the English language  skills of the participants and to introduce various teaching strategies which can be used within a wide range of classrooms. In addition, a variety of resources will be shared.

The daily activities include : 

  • pronunciation correction

  • authentic spoken English--idiomatic expressions, everyday language

  • constant speaking opportunities for the participants in pairs, groups and 1-1 with the instructor(s)

  • games, resources and strategies to improve spoken English for the participants and their students 

  • teacher instruction, some topics include: differentiated instruction, guided reading, using graphic organizers, the use of visuals and manipulatives  in many disciplines, teaching literacy, teaching writing , note taking, learning skills etc. 


The cost of the workshops 

depends upon the length of 

training that is required and if 

follow-up support is requested.

Payment for the training is very reasonable, but all expenses

for the trainer(s) must be covered

including flight, food,  

accommodations and any

printing costs required for 

resources or strategies shared 

with the participants.

The Lead Trainer:
Janice Adams
Master of Education,
O.C.T., T.E.S.L,
B. of Ed.
A.Q. Specialist status in: E.S.L; Special Education;  Reading;  Visual Arts
I believe the best teachers are lifelong learners--individuals who continually seek to learn and grow themselves.  Teaching and learning have remained my passions throughout a long career. I have taught all levels and ages of students across a variety of disciplines. I consider it a priviledge to be able to work with  fellow colleagues, share my knowledge and in return, learn from their experiences.    
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